How to Access G Suite Admin Console?

How to Access G Suite Admin Console and thereby activate services?


In this post, I would like to assist you with how to access your G Suite admin console.  Also, as an Administrator, you use the Admin console to activate services, add users, configure features, and more.

Accessing G Suite Account


1. An already signed up G Suite account.
2. Internet connection to access the G Suite Account.

Steps to Access g Suite Admin console

1. Open any web browser (Recommended is google chrome) and open the following URL , which will take you to the G Suite Product Page. This looks like as follows.

How To Access G Suite 1

2.  Enter your administrator account email address (including username and domain), password. Then, click Next.

How To Access G Suite 2

3. Now click on Sign in.
4. Now the screen looks like as follows.

How To Access G Suite 3


In this post, we have seen how to access your G Suite Admin account.
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Email Migration to Office 365 | Medha Hosting


You want to update your organization’s email platform?

But you don’t want to deal with the downtime, hassle, and headaches of switching?

See how Medha Hosting makes migrating to Microsoft Office 365 email a breeze.

office 365 migration

For starters, your Medha Hosting Account Manager will help you choose the best Office 365 email plan for your business.

Next, you determine the most convenient day and time.

To make the switch from your current email platform to your new Office 365 email.

No matter when it is, the migration process requires no downtime for you or your employees.


Medha Hosting will work with you to create each employee’s new email account.

Then your employees will get an email requesting a bit of info that is needed to migrate their email messages, calendar entries, and contacts.

Your Employees,who use Windows Outlook will also receive a link to a user-friendly tool that ensures their email settings move smoothly to their new account.

The actual migration takes place while you and your team go about business as usual.

We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, your Medha Hosting Account Manager will be standing by in case you have any questions or concerns during the process.

azure consulting

When the migration is complete,we will notify, and then everyone on your team can start making the most of their new business-grade email, calendars, and contact management.

Finally, just in case you need it, free ongoing support from Medha Hosting’s team of Office 365 experts is available round-the-clock, seven days a week .No hassle; no headaches!

We don’t say we do; We show it! With 100% responsive call and email support. Check out Office 365 Migration Services Page.