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Our Microsoft IIS Server Support Features

Medha Hosting is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and a top Microsoft IIS Server Support and Consulting firm.

Medha Hosting.’s Microsoft Certified Server Administrators help you get the maximum benefit and stability from Microsoft IIS Server with technical and administrative expertise. We follow best practices to achieve a stable and secure IIS Server ( Web and Application) infrastructure.

Our Microsoft Certified Solution Experts help your enterprise take the full advantage of the Microsoft IIS Server Services Our Support includes Administration, troubleshooting, end user and patching of .net, Windows and IIS Servers.

  • MS IIS Server Administration
  • MS IIS Server Troubleshooting
  • MS IIS Server Patching

Our primary concern is to provide a possible & deliverable solution to each issue within 30 min of receiving support ticket. Our quality administration supports your services round the clock to esteem your valuable time.

• Install MS IIS Server
• Add a Web Site to MS IIS Server
• Add a Virtual Directory to MS IIS Server
• Add an Application to MS IIS Server
• Add an IIS Manager User Account
• Delegate Site and Application Management
• Configuring URL Authorization Rules in MS IIS Server
• Configuring Server Certificates in MS IIS Server
• Configuring the Management Service in IIS
• View Currently Executing Requests in a Worker Process
• Create a Tracing Rule for Failed Requests
• Enable Trace Logging for Failed Requests
• Configuring Authentication in MS IIS Server
• Configuring Secure Sockets Layer in MS IIS Server
• Configuring Connection Strings in MS IIS Server
• Configuring Machine Keys in MS IIS Server
• Configuring SMTP E-mail in MS IIS Server
• MS IIS server backup/Restore
• NLB Server load optimization
• MS IIS server performance motioning and tuning
• And More…

Our dedicated technical team is always ready to support our services with necessary troubleshooting that helps to reduce the issues and let client’s services function at best. The following areas we can assist are:

• Troubleshooting HTTP Request problems
• Troubleshooting Functionality with Test Request Files
• Browsing with Different Host Name Styles
• Using Substatus and Win32 Errors in W3C Extended Logging
• Configuring the WWW Service to Log Worker Process Recycling Events
• Checking NT System and Application Event Logs
• Checking the HTTP Error Log
• Checking the IIS Logs
• Restarting IIS Services
• HTTP Status Codes in IIS
• Troubleshooting IIS Configuration Problems
• Troubleshooting HTTP.sys Problems
• Troubleshooting Miscellaneous IIS Problems
• Advanced IIS Troubleshooting with Tracing and Debugging
• Additional Resources for Troubleshooting IIS
• Troubleshooting fix ASP.NET problems
• Troubleshooting IIS application hangs / unresponsiveness
• Troubleshooting IIS Installation Issues
• And more…

We check for MS IIS server patches monthly and report recommended OS patches. Apply on a regular schedule approved in consultation with Customer.


MS IIS Server Support

No. We don’t collect any billing information during the trial period.

After the trial, you can continue with paid plan. We will send the invoice 14 days before your trail ends. If you want to continue you can pay the invoice.

Yes, you can by simply paying the next month invoice in advance or ask our support team to help with that.

No. You can’t start a new 30-day trial, but our Sales team will be happy to work with you to extend your trial if needed.

We accept all major cards via PayPal.

30 Days unlimited Server Support, Administration, Troubleshooting, Patching, and many other activities related to server support. We already covered some of them in our Administration/troubleshooting section.

No, we only cover server end related issues and administration.

We will log in to the server using secure and innovative remote desktop tools like putty/RDP to perform the server administration or break fixing activities.

Preferably Yes, to provide seamless support and administration we need to have access to the server. If you have any compliance concerns giving access we will schedule a remote screen sharing session via team viewer.

Yes, security is our top priority, we have antivirus and firewall installed on all our systems, and we keep them updated to latest version. We sign NDA before hiring any employee, and the person working on your server only has access to your login details.

Ongoing implementation and reporting of all policies and audit requirements. Implement and enforce rules of conduct for individual team members. Prepare security reports and gather periodic evidence for audit compliance. Work regularly with Customer’s internal auditors on discussing non-compliance issues. Participation in quarterly and annual IT audit with external auditors.

You can find our SLA here.

You are always welcome to chat with our 24/7 sales and support team with you queries. We are happy to help!

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