Server and Application Patch Management

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Server and Application Patch Management Services

Medha Hosting’s Server and Application Patch Management and Consulting Services help organizations managing the Server and Application are up to date, secure and maintain compliance, whether you have a couple of servers or hundreds of servers and applications.

Our Secuirty & Compliance Experts help you in Analysing the Server and Application’s security, updates, configuration of manual and automatic patching, scheduling patch installations, and compliance reports for the new or existing server infrastructure and make it secure and meet the compliance.

Our Approach

Start: We start any Patch Management Project, by assessing your needs or existing infrastructure. We ensure your Servers and Applications are secure and meeting compliance.

Plan: Our Security and Compliance Experts and Account Managers work with you to build the right Patch Management plan.

Deploy: We combine industry leading-practices, services, tools, and highly skilled experts to transform your IT Infra to the highly scalable and secure environment.

Optimize: After setting the Compliance and Patch Management, we provide complete monitoring, managing, and reporting of the Updates and Security of servers and applications.

Patch Management and Compliance Consulting Expertise!

What We Do

Medha Hosting offers more than just Patching Servers and Applications. We analyze every security or software update before installing to make sure that there is no impact on existing systems or down time due to the updates . Our Patch management service is comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

At Medha Hosting, Our Skilled and Dedicated Security and Compliance Experts help you eradicate security holes in your IT Infrastructure while complying with various regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, FFIEC, SOX, NISTGLBA, FERPA, and others

Operating System and Application Patching

Windows or Linx or any other Operating System (OS) or Application Patching is an integral part of keeping the systems safe and secure from malicious users that exploit vulnerabilities. Medha Hosting’s Experts takes care your Servers patching security, while your team, is focusing on your core business objectives to move forward.

Compliance and Reporting

We send a detailed Report of Patches before the scheduled time for customer approval. After installing the patches, we run a scan to verify that all patches installed correctly. If there are any missing patches, Medha Hosting Support Team will notify you to coordinate a manual patching window at your convenience.

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