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Medha Hosting High Availability Solutions

Medha Hosting has ample experience in High Availability design, deployment, and support of mission-critical IT infrastructure.We understand better than anyone else, how critical is the Data and Business continuity. 

Our Engineers have excellent technical skills, and experience with various technologies, tools, platforms, and vendors. Our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience ensure to build efficient High Availability Solutions.

Our Approach

Start: We start analyzing your existing infrastructure or new requirement to design, and develop a High Availability Solution to achieve your business objectives.

Plan: Our IT Experts and Account Managers work with you to build a right High Availability Solution Plan.

Deploy: We combine industry-leading practices, tools, services, vendors, and highly skilled experts to deploy a High Availability Solution.

Optimize: After implementing the High Availability Services, we provide complete monitoring and managing the Setup, system software, infrastructure, configurations, and backups. We continually Optimize workloads with a single view of IT assets, and governance across operations, service management, and analytics.

Contact Management: We take the responsibility of Asset Management including an inventory of all of the software and hardware along with serial numbers, registrations, warranties, licenses, configurations, and keeping them documented for easy access. We contact  vendors whenever needed on behalf of you.

Medha Hosting High Availability & Managed Services

What We Do

Here Are Some of The Ways We Help!

Application and Web Servers High Availability
Database Servers High Availability

Email Servers High Availability​
Network High Availability

Application and Web Servers High Availability

Every user expects a blazing fast website or application. Even a tiny piece of time delay can cause revenue loss. Any failure in a critical component (e.g. The application crashes due to a bug, device failure, network failure, hardware failure or human error) of the web or application server can interrupt the availability of the services severely.

Our Web server experts help you to design and deploy a highly available solution for your web or application server.

We use different strategies such as Cluster Servers, Load Balancers or Server Farms to build  highly available web  or application server.

Database Servers High Availability

Do not let your business down due to  database server’s downtime. Many companies are realizing the importance of improvement in the operational performance and the impact of downtime.

Our DB experts help you to design and deploy a highly available database server solution.

We design Database High Availability Solution to achieve the service availability with 100% up-time through redundant and fault-tolerant components, using various methods like fail-over clustering, database mirroring, always availability groups, log shipping, and replications.

Email Servers High Availability

Email services have become an essential part of many companies around the world. Losing a single email communication can cause many consequences like productivity loss, losing revenue or losing a business contract and so on.

Our Email Server Architects help you to design and deploy a highly available email server infrastructure to keep your email communication working round the clock.

We design Email High Availability Solution to achieve the email service availability with 100% uptime through redundant and fault-tolerant components, using various methods like fail-over clustering, database availability groups, network load balancers, mirroring, and replication.

Network High Availability

The network outage can cause lots of damages like losing revenue , reduces employee productivity, tarnishing brand image, and also not limited to loosing internal communication, teamwork, customer satisfaction/loyalty/retention, innovation, employee job satisfaction, and so on.

Our Network engineers help you to design and deploy a supremely redundant and fault tolerant network to keep your network up and running all the time.

We use various methods to achieve 100% uptime of network such as switch-over to backup facilities, detailed documentation for a minimum of time to recover in case of network failures, Virtual Switching System (VSS) and In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU).

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