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SharePoint Server Support

SharePoint server support

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SharePoint Server Administration

  • Installing, configuring, maintaining, upgrading and managing a SharePoint Server or a Farm.
  • Configuring all service applications like Search, Metadata, User Profile Synchronization etc.
  • Creation of a Content DB and maintaining it
  • Maintenance of various logging databases in SQL Server.
  • Compressing of logging Databases Assignment of proper permission levels for all users of the site.
  • Configuring anonymous access.
  • Configuring schedule tasks depending on business requirements
  • Schedule backups of the sites every day. This is very important as it helps to
  • Uploading a document, starting an approval workflow etc.
  • IIS, Active Directory and Mail Configuration.
  • Configuration of Business Connectivity Services for connecting to a SQL database or a WCF service.
  • Configuring and tuning OOB features in SharePoint.
  • And more..

SharePoint Server Troubleshooting

  • Share Point new site creation issues
  • Share Point new list or library creating issues
  • Share Point create a file or folder issues
  • Delete a site issues.
  • I cannot delete myself as the owner of a site collection
  • When I try to delete a file, I get a message that the file is currently checked out or locked for editing by another user
  • SharePoint home page issues.
  • MS Share Point “service unavailable” issues
  • Site Usage Report issues
  • Upload a file Issues
  • SharePoint Permissions issues
  • Cannot  send e-mail  issues.
  • I cannot create any more alerts issues
  • Site has exceeded the storage quota issues
  • SharePoint DB related issues
  • SMTP server related issues
  • And more..

SharePoint Server Patching

We check for Windows and MS Share Point Server patches monthly and report recommended OS patches. Apply on a regular schedule approved in consultation with Customer

SharePoint Server Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may be wondering: what if the SharePoint server support isn’t quite what I’m looking for? What if some of the features or terms and conditions don’t quite suit my needs? Which leads to some important questions.

Share Point Versions We support 2016,2013,2010,2007 and 2003.

Yes, security is our top priority,

We have antivirus and firewall installed on all our systems, and we keep them updated to latest version. We sign NDA before hiring any employee, and the person working on your server only has access to your login details.

Ongoing implementation and reporting of all policies and audit requirements. Implement and enforce rules of conduct for individual team members. Prepare security reports and gather periodic evidence for audit compliance. Work regularly with Customer’s internal auditors on addressing non-compliance issues. Participation in quarterly and annual IT audit with external auditors

Our work is to monitoring Share Point for your events, Products component-specific performance and alerts are being raised for intervention according to the need and necessity. We are detecting, generating and dispatching  alerts and automatically correlating critical events. We identify if there is any issue for you Microsoft SharePoint and solve it before it becomes critical.

We do offer Backup (Paid ); Our MS Share Point Server Management solution is a complete solution for you which will offer application, sites, subsites , libraries and document backup for your SharePoint Server.

Yes ,we support  backup of multiple web-application/sites from the web-front end.

Yes, We cover restore sites, sub-sites , libraries, and document to different sites

Yes , we also offer 12 hive folders or 14 hive folder available.

We provide a help desk for all types of services that work for customer satisfaction 24 hours for seven days a week and through the year.

We accept all billing options including credit card, net banking, online wallets, etc. We also provide a valid invoice for all your billing processes.