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Plesk Server Support

Plesk Server support

Plesk Server Support - First Month Free - Try Now

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Plesk Server Management


  • Intial Server Setups
  • Firewall Installation
  • Unlimited Ticket Support
  • Server Log Monitoring
  • Response & Resolution Times
  • Server Management

Plesk Server Management 24/7/365 Days

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by Lene Aalling on Plesk Server Management
Am happy that I was lucky enough to choose your company

I have nothing but the best to say about Medhahosting so far. I am certain that Medhahosting and its customers have bright future. I am happy that I was lucky enough to choose your company. Please, don't change anything as you grow. Only that will ensure your long term success.

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Plesk Server Administration

  • Creating/Removing a Scheduled Task in Plesk
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting Reseller Accounts
  • User Panel with the following support

 Here are the support features- view resource alerts,can not make changes to files owned by root,  reboot server,start and stop web services

  • Panel  Administration

We will serve you with the following features –

  1. mailing lists
  2. migrations
  3. backups
  4. firewall settings
  5. server-wide email and spam settings
  6. plus all Reseller abilities
  7. change server hostname
  8. IP allocation
  9. master SSL certificate settings
  10. master database access
  11. create Resellers and customers
  12. create and assign subscriptions/domain
  • Control Panel Highlights
  1. webmaster tools
  2. Access via warp (no direct login)
  • Add-ons to the Plesk
    1. Docker Support
    2. Git Support
    3. Plesk Security Advisor
    4. Multi Server Extension
    5. WordPress Toolkit
    6. Developer Pack
    7. Security Core Complete by Atomicorp
    8. Kaspersky Antivirus
    9. Servershield by CloudFlare
  • File permission settings for WordPress root and secure with wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content, plug-ins folders and themes
  • File permission settings recursively across all WordPress files and folders
  • Restrict WordPress database’s user privileges
  • view and change your client record
  • Security checks for plug-ins and themes.
  • change your login password
  • Install and enable firewall plug-in for WordPress
  • create protected directories
  • reconfigure your domain
  • change your hosting settings
  • create CSRA’s
  • create web users
  • status viewing with statistics of your disk space and traffic.
  • create e-mail boxes
  • create redirects,
  • create groups/autoresponders
  • Change WordPress database’s table prefixes
  • Disable file editing from WordPress dashboard

Plesk Server Troubleshooting

  • Security level options tuning.
  • Disabling / turning off unnecessary services.
  • File storage management
  • clear up space with moving files
  • Enable appropriate logging options.
  • Setting up user access permission settings.
  • Closing down/opening up certain ports
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring panel-related issues
  • Monthly system administration for OS
  • Troubleshooting of email server and web server
  • OS-related problems solution

Plesk Server Patching

  • OS patches installation.
  • Regular/future OS patches installation.
  • Upgrading all the packages available version
  • Degrading few of the packages to the supported applications.
  • Applying critical updates & patches (reactive)
  • Pro-active notification and updating of critical server exploits and patches
  • Scheduling server patches
  • Update WordPress to the latest version

Plesk Server User Management

  • Disable/Enable SSH login for root user
  • Creating additional FTP/SFTP users
  • Creating your subscription
  • Creating a POP/IMAP email account
  • Managing a MySQL database with phpMyAdmin
  • WordPress admin account can be renamed and set a good password
  • Additional username and password protection for wp-admin folder

FAQ’S: For your Mind-Bobbling question, we have all answers at fingertips

Plesk is a single control panel which has an intuitive graphical interface, with code environment and powerful extensions. You will get complete environment and solution  with a complete set of security tools. Many features for you apps, website, network and much more can be availed at Plesk. You will not need to focus on infrastructure management and will get solo business attention while working on Plesk.

Because we have a Nonpareil team which will serve you with the following benefits 24*7*365 days-

  • Mail server tweaking
  • MySQL Optimization through my.cnf
  • Deactivation of Unused/Insecure Services.

We provide a helpdesk for all types of services that work for customer satisfaction 24 hours for seven days a week and through the year.

We accept all billing options including credit card, net banking, online wallets, etc. We also provide a valid invoice for all your billing processes.

Your information is incredibly precious, and we store it very safely and never will be misuse.

Yes, you can, and the process is also easy.

Yes, you can and at any time.

Yes, once the auto backup is enabled all your data will be automatically backup and you have a worry free working hours.

  • Linux Dedicated
  • Windows VPS
  • Windows Dedicated
  • Windows management
  • Linux Management
  • Application Service management.

Don’t worry we have  live chat support, email support , call support. We are at your service be Happy.