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MS IIS Server Support

ms iis server support

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by Jesper Aaberg on MS IIS Server Support
Resolved issue with in the SLA

Resolved issue with in the SLA, even they will clear the doubt if we have any.

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MS IIS Server Administration

  • Install MS IIS Server
  • Add a Web Site to MS IIS Server
  • Add a Virtual Directory to MS IIS Server
  • Add an Application to MS IIS Server
  • Add an IIS Manager User Account
  • Delegate Site and Application Management
  • Configuring URL Authorization Rules in MS IIS Server
  • Configuring Server Certificates in MS IIS Server
  • Configuring the Management Service in IIS
  • View Currently Executing Requests in a Worker Process
  • Create a Tracing Rule for Failed Requests
  • Enable Trace Logging for Failed Requests
  • Configuring Authentication in MS IIS Server
  • Configuring Secure Sockets Layer in MS IIS Server
  • Configuring Connection Strings in MS IIS Server
  • Configuring Machine Keys in MS IIS Server
  • Configuring SMTP E-mail in MS IIS Server
  • MS IIS server backup/Restore
  • NLB Server load optimization
  • MS IIS server performance motioning and tuning
  • And Moe

MS IIS Server Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting HTTP Request problems
  • Troubleshooting Functionality with Test Request Files
  • Browsing with Different Host Name Styles
  • Using Substatus and Win32 Errors in W3C Extended Logging
  • Configuring the WWW Service to Log Worker Process Recycling Events
  • Checking NT System and Application Event Logs
  • Checking the HTTP Error Log
  • Checking the IIS Logs
  • Restarting IIS Services
  • HTTP Status Codes in IIS
  • Troubleshooting IIS Configuration Problems
  • Troubleshooting HTTP.sys Problems
  • Troubleshooting Miscellaneous IIS Problems
  • Advanced IIS Troubleshooting with Tracing and Debugging
  • Additional Resources for Troubleshooting IIS
  • TroubleshootingFix ASP.NET problems
  • Troubleshooting IIS application hangs / unresponsiveness
  • Troubleshooting IIS Installation Issues
  • And more..

MS IIS Server Patching

We check for MS IIS server patches monthly and report recommended OS patches. Apply on a regular schedule approved in consultation with Customer

MS IIS Server Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may be wondering: what if the MS IIS server support isn’t quite what I’m looking for? What if some of the features or terms and conditions don’t quite suit my needs? Which leads to some important questions.

We work on your MS IIS servers with unlimited tasks and administration. All other Server management/Managed IT Support companies put a limit on the amount of time they are going to work on your server, for e.g. 5 hours or 10 hours, etc. But we don’t put such limit. We will work on our server till the issue is fixed.

IIS 8.0

IIS 7.5

IIS 7.0

IIS 6.5

IIS 6.0

IIS 5.1

IIS 5.0

Yes, security is our top priority,

We have antivirus and firewall installed on all our systems, and we keep them updated to latest version. We sign NDA before hiring any employee, and the person working on your server only has access to your login details.

Ongoing implementation and reporting of all policies and audit requirements. Implement and enforce rules of conduct for individual team members. Prepare security reports and gather periodic evidence for audit compliance. Work regularly with Customer’s internal auditors on addressing non-compliance issues. Participation in quarterly and annual IT audit with external audito

30 Days, Click Get My free Trail Button. Follow the screens to fill up your details. That’s all, you free trail will get started

No, not all, we don’t ask credit card information to avail free trail.

It’s Open to all; Anyone can get this free trail who ever have an IIS server. How do I get started using IIS server support? After completing your registration .you can send a ticket describing your problem using your client area.

Our charges are per server basis. Each IIS server support price is 100 USD pm.

No we are not. However all our engineers are certified Microsoft engineers (MCSE).

Our support number+1.646.775.2855 .24/7  .You can contact through a support ticket,live chat, and email as well.