How to Back up and Restore the CSF Firewall Configuration

How to Back up and Restore the  CSF Firewall Configuration

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This article Describes you how to backup and restore CSF Firewall Configuration.

Prior to making direct edits to the firewall configuration file or changing advanced firewall settings in WHM, a backup of the current configuration should be taken so that the settings can quickly and easily be reverted if needed.


This series assumes you have the Config Server Firewall (CSF) installed on your cPanel server, and you have access to Web Host Manager (WHM).

If your server currently uses No CSF or APF but you’d prefer CSF, contact Medha Hosting Cpanel Support® and request for support. it typically takes only a few minutes, and the only service that needs to be restarted as a result is the firewall itself.


Step #1:

In WebHost Manager, locate and select ConfigServer Security & Firewall under the Plugins section in the left menu. You also can begin typing “firewall” into the search field at the top left to narrow down the options.

Step #2: Open and Back up the Profile

  • A Scroll down to the csf – ConfigServer Firewall section and click the Firewall Profiles
  • On the Firewall Profiles page, scroll down to the Backup csf.conf section, enter a name to identify the backup and click the Create Backup button.

  • The next screen will show you the location of the backup file, which you’ll want to note in case you need to restore

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