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When it comes to providing IT Support Atlanta, you need not look any further than Medha Hosting. We concentrate on delivering quality Managed IT Services Atlanta for the past three years to an ever-growing clientele. We have a host of award-winning platforms in USA, Europe, and Asia to back our claims as one of the leading global managed hostings, and managed IT service providers.

At Medha Hosting, we take great pride in serving businesses across the entire spectrum of industries. Our dedicated professionals work hard to make your IT environment an enjoyable place to work. It leaves you with enough time and energy to focus on what you do best, achieve your business targets.

Is there any need for you to purchase your software and hardware from different vendors when you have Medha Hosting providing a complete range of IT services? Medha Hosting provides you with a professional Atlanta IT Support team to assess your current environment and develop an effective ‘Technology Plan’ to manage your IT infrastructure. With Medha Hosting, you get advanced IT monitoring and cost-effective management technology and trained staff to deliver it. It ensures your industry receives the highest quality of 24 X 7 Tech Support Atlanta thereby enabling you to serve your customers better.

Atlanta IT Support Services

You have IT consulting companies with specialties. Therefore, it takes time to understand what they are good at providing. Usually, IT consulting firms focus a lot on back up and disaster recovery. Such companies are not fit for providing mobile device support. As there is a lot of interconnection and inter-dependency in the IT environment, you require the services of an IT consulting firm that offers a range of services.

Do you want a solution to integrate all your IT systems and users? Medha Hosting provides the services you are looking for to solve your IT issues. Let us now see the qualities you should expect in an IT consulting expert.

The qualities an IT consultant should have

It is essential to understand how an IT consulting firm can impact your project. Therefore, you need to know where your priorities lie. The following considerations should weigh on your mind as you select the appropriate IT support Atlanta Company to take care of your IT services.

Are you looking for the following?

·       Assistance with your project

·       Acquiring and installing a new equipment

·       Strengthening your IT staff by bringing a third-party perspective

·       Exercising management control over the activities of the consultant

·       Building a long-term relationship

·       Day-to-day support

·       Continuous support and maintenance from the consulting firm

·       An experienced consultant to work with Intellectual Property

·       A knowledge transfer or acquiring training from the consultant

·       The services of a particular person to provide continuous support

Medha Hosting can provide the right answers to each of the questions listed above. It ensures the success of your project and strengthens our relationship.

Atlanta Managed IT Service Provider

Medha Hosting is the one-stop solution provider for a range of IT issues. We help you to solve your vendor management problems and fix IT issues faster. Experience an entire range of IT services at Medha Hosting. Our Managed Services include the following.

Google Cloud Platform

·       We offer an integrated server less Big data platform

·       Migration of server to Google Cloud is easy

·       You get a fast web experience with IaaS and PaaS products

·       Scale to massive transnational volume on the cloud platform

Azure Consulting

·       Monitor your assets on a real-time basis

·       Analyze your asset data

·       Predictive asset maintenance

·       You get top priority services at all times

High Availability Solutions

·       Manage your migration issues perfectly

·       Helps you reap the rewards with positive customer reviews

·       Efficient, quick, and easy central management structure

·       Excellent connectivity at 300 Gbit/s

AWS Consulting

·       Get the most out of AWS with excellently managed migration

·       Cost-effective solutions for your infrastructure

·       Provide you with full security

·       Get the benefit of our expert support

Network Administration

·       As we value your money, we provide a price effective network design

·       Continuous network maintenance ensures hassle free services

·       Install and upgrade your servers on a regular basis

·       Remote access and VPN services

Linux Administration

·       Round the clock monitoring to keep your systems running

·       Nip the issues in the bud with excellent troubleshooting, backup, and updates

·       Efficient system and user management ensures a perfect user experience

·       Uninterrupted system administration takes care of all IT-related issues

Windows Administration

·       We value your systems by providing a dedicated resource such as control panel support and operating system support

·       Maintain your systems and fine-tune your performances

·       Perform audits and submit reports

·       Back up and disaster recovery to cater to emergencies


·       Get proactive protection before viruses, and malicious users exploit your system

·       Our OS patching does not require particular software installation

·       We provide full visibility as you can check the status of monitoring on a real-time basis

·       Quality control and continuous protection

365 X 24 X 7 NOC

·       Have our NOC engineer following up in case something goes wrong with your network

·       You get support 24 X 7 X 365 wherever you are in the world

·       We follow a flexible methodology to solve your IT issues

·       Get dedicated monitoring of your IT network


·       We do the ROI analysis to ensure your business is on the right track

·       We provide high quality virtualization while reducing your costs and risks

·       Our expertise helps solve your business challenges

Office 365 Migration

·       Migrating to Office 365 is crucial to every business today

·       Enjoy the advantages of migrating to Office 365

·       We provide all Office 365 products thereby improving your ROI

·       Reduce your risks by migrating to Office 365

IT as a Service – Medha Hosting provides the new direction

IT as a Service is the hot thing in town today. Every business looks forward to developing IT as a Service. However, you need an expert to handle your IT services so that you are free to do what you do the best. Medha Hosting can help you in this regard by providing IT services Atlanta to keep your systems operational and increase the productivity of your employees.

Let us look at how Medha Hosting provides ITaaS to Atlanta-based businesses. These are the advantages that accrue to you when you use the services of Medha Hosting.

·       We believe in flexibility that entails turning up or down services and performance levels along with file storage space.

·       Stability is crucial as we ensure you get your monthly reports on your entire IT environment

·       We guarantee service level performance metrics

·       Our standardized and refines processes increase efficiency

·       Our USP is providing 24 X 7 support for all devices anywhere in Atlanta

·       You can reduce your capital expenses when you avail our services

·       Our professional team reduces your costs for training your staff

·       Our rates are competitive and predictable

·       Manage various IT solutions like Office 365, Azure, and AWS

·       Manage your network services and other vendors

·       We ensure your systems remain secure and thereby, comply with international norms.

·       Our detection and protection systems prevent the intrusion of viruses and malicious users

·       Our maintenance ensures that your IT staff need not perform the daily maintenance of IT infrastructure     

Medha Hosting’s Atlanta Managed Services caters to every IT requirement of your company at reasonable, attractive pricing. As a trusted advisor, we offer services that provide value, innovation, integrity, and assurance in every interaction with you. Creating a predictable and cost-effective IT environment for your company is our prerogative as our Managed Services Atlanta model optimizes your IT system performance and reliability. Unlike other service providers’ models that tend to increase infrastructure spending and labor hours, Medha Hosting concentrates on keeping your IT infrastructure outage-free and performing at its most efficient levels at all times.

Is ITaaS appropriate for your company?

·       Is your IT infrastructure not robust enough to keep pace with the increase in the data?

·       Are your legacy systems becoming difficult to maintain because of obsolete technology and infrastructure?

·       Do you find it difficult to hire and retain skilled IT professionals?

·       Are the numbers of users, systems, sites, and devices increasing on a continuous basis?

·       Do you spend your precious time managing other vendors whenever you experience a problem?

·       Are you able to manage risk, security, and compliance levels in this expanding scenario?

·       Do you experience a shift in your finances from the capital to an operating expense model?

·       Are you finding it challenging to maintain licensing and support contracts?

·       Is your existing IT infrastructure becoming difficult to manage because of fragmentation?

If your answers to the any of the above questions are in the affirmative, you need the services of Medha Hosting to rectify the situation. Trust us as we collaborate with you and work shoulder-to-shoulder to bring about a noticeable and beneficial change in the way you handle your IT issues.

We do not just sell commodity solutions. We empower you so that you improve your processes and enhance your performance. What are you waiting for now? Contact Medha Hosting immediately to get trusted solutions to every IT problem you encounter.