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The Medha Hosting blog covers technical how-to guides on Windows, Linux, and Cloud. Our topics targeted to Users looking for technical help, System Administrators, Small business Owners, IT Managers, Managed service customers. The focus is on teaching readers how to do technical troubleshooting or step by installation etc. more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

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  • Senior network technicians at various companies.

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Technical Documents

  • How to Guides on Windows, Linux and Cloud Technologies
  • Topics can include pricing, operations, resource management, tools, and so on
  • Checklists and step-by-step approaches
  • Tips, tricks, and tactics that have helped you with a technology or tool

Industry analysis and leadership

  • IT industry news and events
  • Technology advances and best practices
  • Things that are happening in IT —good or bad
  • Topics can include sales, marketing, pricing, operations, resource management, tools, and so on
  • Product reviews

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  • Clearly organized and formatted. Grab reader attention with well formatted, scannable content that flows logically. We encourage you to use short paragraphs, subheadings, bulleted lists, and bolding to highlight key concepts and action items.
  • Non-promotional. No affiliate links, link exchange requests, or thinly veiled advertisements, please.


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  • COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP: Writer agrees that the Work is being created by the writer for the Medha Hosting and that each form of Work is being created by the writer as a “work made for hire” under the United States Copyright Act and, at all stages of development, the Work shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of Medha Hosting . At Medha Hosting’s sole, absolute and unfettered discretion, Medha Hosting may make any alterations to the Work.
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