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Compare Cloud Computing And cloud Service Providers

Compare Cloud Computing And cloud Service Providers Introduction: Cloud computing means the delivery of several hosted services over Internet. Cloud computing enables everyone including companies, individuals, and groups to consume and compute several resources as a utility like electricity instead of having and build or maintain a computing infrastructure in-house. There are a lot of […]

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How to Choose Best Managed Service Provider

  How to choose Best managed service provider? Managed Services Provider: A managed service provider is an IT services facilitator which helps businesses to efficiently work in a sustainable environment with the required predictability for smooth operation. Among the fastest growing sectors in the business technology area managed services providers (MSPs) take the lead. All […]

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How to Change Your VPS OS Root/Admin Password Using SolusVM?

You can change the root/admin password of your VPS Server Operating System using SolusVM 1. Login to your SolusVM Control Panel.2. If you have multiple VPS Servers, select the appropriate one. 3. Scroll down, and under the “Root/Admin Password” tab, click on “Change”.  SolusVM Control Panel. 4. It will prompt for a confirmation. Click on […]

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